Gosset Matchmakers winners experiences

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few words from some of the Gosset Matchmakers winners about their experiences in the competition.

Sommelier Sotir Semini
2022 Gosset Matchmaker

“The Gosset Matchmakers competition has been one of the most motivational events of the year for me and my colleague and friend Julien. One of the coolest events for young chefs and sommeliers aspiring to create the perfect dish, matching with one of the sublime champagnes of Maison Gosset.

A competition is always a competition but this is unique because you get to collaborate side by side with a chef! Whomever imagined seeing a collaboration between a chef and sommelier, simply genius. One of the things I liked the most was cooperating and executing the vision of our dish.

I’m really looking forward to discovering what’s behind the walls and in the vineyards of the oldest Maison in Champagne.

An inspirational experience.”

Sommelier Sotir Semini, 2022 winner, then working at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester.

“To participate in Gosset Matchmaker has been a real opportunity, not only to challenge ourselves, but also to meet other young chefs and sommeliers. It is a moment when we can share our knowledge and universe with passion and I’m really glad to still be in contact with judges and the other teams. I really advise all young people in hospitality to try the experience, there is only good to be gained from it.”

Chef Julien Deschamps, 2022 winner working at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester.

Image of chef Julian Deschamps cooking in a kitchen.
Julien Deschamps
2022 Gosset Matchmaker
Adam Eyre
2021 Gosset Matchmaker

“I can’t recommend entering the Gosset Matchmakers competition enough, what an incredible experience. It’s an amazing opportunity for young teams to showcase their talent amongst some of the industry’s best, working with amazing produce and stunning wines. From a chef’s perspective, it allows you the opportunity to get inside the mind of a sommelier and work to try and highlight some of the key flavours of the champagne, something that is often overlooked as a young chef.”

Chef Adam Eyre 2021 winner who worked at Fischers Baslow Hall

“Gosset really pulled out all the stops for us – touring their vineyards, deep underground cellars, and opening their full range including some rare back vintages in a tutored tasting with Odilon de Varine. It was great to spend a few days with the team, and get a unique insight into Gosset’s elegant and age worthy Champagnes.”

Sommelier Joshua Castle 2020 winner, Noble Rot. (left)

Sommelier Joshua Castle (left)
2020 Gosset Matchmaker
Chef Myles Donaldson (right)
2020 Gosset Matchmaker

“Wow what a great project to be involved in.  A trip of a lifetime!  Such a privilege to taste so many exceptional wines in such a short space of time. Seeing the champagne making process from grape to cellar was a magical experience.”

Chef Myles Donaldson 2020 winner, then Noble Rot, now The Garden Museum, London. (right)